Dog News and Views for Pets and their People: From Pet Columnist Yvette Van Veen


At Awesome Dog’s Blog we let the cat out of the bag.  Get the scoop on animal behaviour and training.  Be the first to know about new and exciting research pertaining to animals.  Stay in the loop as we post any pet related news from safety, legislation and more!  This is also where we post upcoming events in our area.  From raves to rants – this is the place Yvette Van Veen speaks her mind about pet related topics.

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  1. These articles are extremely helpful, but it’s hard to find trainers in my area to help troubled dogs in dire need of help. Can you guide me in the right direction? I live in BC

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know anyone personally where I can vouch for their work. As a rule, unless I feel 100% certain that I know how someone trains, I’d rather say that I’m not sure.

  2. I was wondering what breed of dog you have? The lovely dog in the banner looks a lot like a Carolina Dog. I’d love to share your blog with them on facebook (as many are P+) and I know it be particularly poignant if you have the same breed 🙂

    1. He’s from a roaming mother from Ouje Quebec. We fostered him at 4 weeks. So yes, similar. A near formerly feral. Technically mom was owned. So roaming would be a better term. People describe him as being very “wolfie.” Absolutely you can share. Just because a dog is formerly feral doesn’t mean you need to use force. I’d say it’s more important not to. They need to learn to trust people.

      1. Hi I have a duplicate so his mother met the same types as my Shandy she is normally about 18 kg but very similar colour and markings.

  3. I’d like to talk to you about your post from September 4, 2013 about Agression-Who’s to Blame?I recently had to put a dog down due to aggression and I’d like you to see my point of view.
    Email me at:
    Looking forward to your reply

    1. Hi Lexi – I wasn’t sure if you wanted your message approved so everyone could see your contact information. I’ve approved it. But if you want that removed, let me know right away so I can remove it if you didn’t want it posted.

  4. If the banner photo is of your dog, Yvette, I have to tell you that I must have her/his sister! Lucinda was a stray and she’s been with me now for about 6 years. Never knew for certain her breed type(s) but she’s a wonderful beautiful dog. I’ll send you a photo offsite if you wish…

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