I hate those nauseating, out of date, antiquated old wives tales about dogs.  If you’re an expert – get with the times already.  Professionals that spout obsolete “stuff,” are like a doctor that is prescribing leeches for “women’s issues”.

I get why average owners don’t share my passion for a good peer reviewed, published study.  You just want to train your dog.  I really do get it, because I am not going to read a research study on some new car part.  I just want my car to start when I turn the key.  I might read the manual if I want to link my I-phone.  Or, I might ask someone else to do it.  I cannot be bothered.  However, car experts should care.  It’s their job.

If dogs are your job, you should stay up to date on dog research.  Since dogs are man (and woman’s) best friend, many owners do enjoy learning more about them.  Unfortunately, they learn from popular culture.  It’s an easier and more interesting read.  However, not everything you read online is true.

The old wives tales come in waves of outdated crap followed by more waves out outdated crap.  There is a disconnect between what researchers know, and what pet loving dog owners have access to.

That is, until now.  But only in Canada – eh.

CBC and David Suzuki…you have made my year.  Dog research finally goes mainstream in the upcoming “A Dog’s Life,” DOG-cumentary.  After seeing the screening copy, I’m drooling like a jowly Mastiff anticipating a cookie.

If you’re the average pet owner, prepare to hear that much of what you think you know…is wrong or at least outdated.

Think dogs are pack animals?  Might be wrong.
Think dogs are stubborn when they walk badly on a leash?  Might be wrong.
Think dogs can’t count?  Think again.
Can’t see in colour?  Wrong.
Packs have an alpha male trying to exert dominance?  Wrong.
Can’t talk to people?  So wrong.  They even try to talk to remote control toys.  (My clients should recognize this one!)

a dogs life toy car

Act like wolves?  Are you kidding me?  How out of date does one have to be to still think that?

I truly feel sorry for the rest of the planet.  This is entertaining and educational television in pre-reality t.v. style.  By that I mean that they have real scientists talking about real research.  They keep it real and fun.

As with all new science, there are people that will deny the findings.  There was a time when people thought the earth was flat.  Just let it go and consider that maybe we have discovered new and exciting things.

a dogs life dominating

Laugh all you like, the researchers in “A Dog’s Life” are the leading experts in how dogs think.  (Macpherson seriously deserves more publicity for her work – it’s amazing.)

CBC you have outdone yourselves.  The rest of the world should be green with envy knowing this show is only airing in Canada.  It is an injustice.  I’m telling everyone to boycott donuts until the DOG-umentary is aired, at least for one day, throughout the rest of the world.  It’s just that good.  PVR it.  Watch it again and again.

Make sure all your lucky Canadian friends know to tune in by sharing this post.  Share with the rest of the world so they can join the #CBCadogslifedonutboycott.

CBC – The Nature of Things
Thursday November 21, 2013
8:00 PM EST

Available for viewing online after the airing (only in Canada) at www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/