I have some pretty polarized opinions.  Based on the number of comments – so do a LOT of other people.

When I started this blog, I didn’t even know if anyone would read it.  In light of the recent volume, I also realized that I can’t carefully read each and every comment.  I can only scan them.

It dawned on me that I have never publicly clarified my guidelines about banning, blocking, censoring and appropriate content.  Here it is.

Positive does not mean people will be a doormat:  Positive reinforcement people have a right to speak their mind.  They have a right to say they find certain things offensive.  That is freedom of speech.
Ex:  I think shock collars hurt and I think it is mean to shock a puppy.  OK

Force trainers have a right to express their opinions too:  Another freedom of speech thing.
Ex:  I don’t like giving dogs treats for everything.  OK

Avoid passive aggressive comments:  They won’t get you banned.  I will call you out on them.  Passive aggressive comments start wars.
Ex:  If you loved dogs, you would use x tool because otherwise the dog will die without help from any means possible. NOT OK (People who disagree with you probably do love their dogs.)

Human Rights Issues:  It is not cool to make comments based on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other such matters.
Ex:  I hope no one actually needs an example.

Physical Harm:  Do not threaten anyone with harm.  No hitting, slapping, pinching, prodding, shocking, death.  However, expressing an example illustrating how something might feel is fine.
Ex:  That person needs a baseball bat to the head.  NOT OK
Ex:  Anyone that thinks shock collars don’t hurt might want to consider wearing one and handing the remote to someone else.  OK

Swearing:  Pretend there are kids reading….or your mother.  You really don’t need to drop the F bomb to make a point.  But I’m not a prude.   Generally, if it’s in anger, best to leave it out.
Ex:  I had a Boston that was a little sh!t when he wanted to be.  OK
Ex:  You are a F’n moron.  NOT OK.

Professionals Insulting Dog Owners:  Pet professionals, never insult clients especially by name.  People need to know that trainers are here to help them.
Ex:  Dog owners are so stupid. NOT OK
Ex:  Sometimes I find it frustrating with some dog owners don’t follow through.  OK

Readability:  If you’re directing a comment at a specific individual, please – please –please put their name at the start of your comment.  If I don’t see a name, I’ll assume you’re yelling at me.   Sometimes that leaves me scratching my head.

Spamming and Promotion:  This is my blog.  If I like a product or book, I will at some point write about it.  If I do not, I will either ignore it or write about it.  My blog is not a place where you can advertise your stuff, or the stuff you sell and promote.  Hiding promotion in seemingly helpful suggestions won’t be tolerated.  I am active on social media.  I’m pretty familiar with which trainers are posting to their fan pages – telling fans to “Please go to such and such a place and post testimonials an/or links.”  That is spam.  If you put down another method without supporting evidence – if you’re trolling – understand that BS is often my muse for future blog posts.  Fair warning.  Spamming is not tolerated.  Try showing some etiquette.  Send me a release.  If you want to advertise, try PAYING for it.

Outside of that –  Fasten your seatbelts and please try to colour inside the lines.

Swearing and human rights issues will be automatically deleted.
Other stuff is a one warning then you’re out.
If I miss something, please do me the courtesy of sending me a message.

And no, being positive does not mean I’m opposed to rules.  (See rule 1.)  It just means I won’t spank you for it.