The fingers of animal rights activists must be burning.  Their fingers literally set on fire as furiously type letters of protest.  But let’s stop to think for a minute about this crazy idea.

It seems to me that many people – and governments treat cars better than dogs.  It’s even appropriate to call a car a “he” or a “she”.  While dogs and cats remain firmly grounded in the “it” category.  Writers everywhere should revolt and create new grammar rules.

We know that cars need regular maintenance if they are to function reliably.  When we fail to do so, there are regulations ensuring we e-test, certify and safety those cars.  Vehicles are testing and retesting to ensure road safety. 

When owners miss the occasional oil change,  they might grumble.  But they pay the additional repair costs with a shoulder shrug and a mumbled, “my fault.” 

Frankly, it’s a good thing consumers are protected with lemon laws and safety regulations.  Can you imagine driving down the road and not having your brakes work?  Wait – that did happen.  Thank goodness processes are in place to issue a mass recall.

Governments regulate more than the mechanical aspects.  They regulate the fuel we use.  So they should.  It’s a product that is combustable.  Many owners go beyond basic requirements looking for green sources, high performance fuels that prevent “engine gunk buildup”.  We know that “garbage in means garbage out”.

Even the best built car is no good if it’s driven by someone who is reckless, unlicenced, too young, ill or impaired.  This is why we have licencing and insurance requirements.

It is a right to drive a car.  With rights come responsibilities.

So it should be with pets.  A dog’s fuel is its food, water and shelter.  Without these things it cannot behave because it is fighting to survive.  How is it that a substandard diet is readily available to most consumers?  Has it really been that long that we have forgotten the tainted pet food scandal already?

What regulations do dogs have to ensure they are bred from healthy stock?  The list of unregulated pet industries go on and on.  It’s buyer beware.

Some might have you believe that current cruelty laws do exist and we should leave well enough alone.  British Columbia is a painful example of where that left 100 sled dogs – slayed and suffering.  It’s atrocious.

It’s easier to get a dog than a car.  There is no mandatory education and no mandatorylicensing.  Some animals do not get basic veterinary care.

Let’s not forget that like cars, dogs can cause injury if mishandled.It is the sad fact that dogs (and cats) get less protection and regulation than vehicles.  If I had my way, companion animals would not be kept under the property act.

It is sad to me that many cars are treated better than pets.

When a car finally breaks down it goes to the scrap yard.  Pets go to shelters, are listed in the classifieds, dump in rural areas to freeze to death – or taken to the veterinarian to be put down.

If dogs and cats are still stuck inside the property act, then darn it they deserve as much regulation as cars.  It’s the safe thing to do.  When mishandled, animals can become a safety concern.  But it’s also the right thing to do.