It’s finally happened.  I have moved out of the dark ages.  My head finally understands blogging, tweeting and facebook.  Let me tell you…what a learning curve that has been!

My life isn’t the most exciting.  Or at least I think it’s rather ordinary.  Working with the dogs takes up a good chunk of my time.  Writing about pets and pet advice takes up another chunk.  Family takes up the time that remains.  Somehow stopping to blog, “I’ve got writer’s block” doesn’t sound very profound.

But there are people and stories that come my way.  I happen to find their stories interesting.  Of course, the danger of blogging is that it allows one to vent when we should be taking ten deep breaths.  I do generally try to keep things under control.  But if there is one place I’ll say my peace – this will be the place.

As for clients and readers of my pet advice column and other publications – one thing I will always respect is confidentiality.